Current Projects and Recent Decisions

Updated as of July 12, 2018

Most decisions are effective 15 days after the date of the City’s Notice of Decision unless an appeal is filed.

Administrative approvals by the Director of Community Development may be appealed to the Planning Commission. Planning Commission decisions may be appealed to the City Council. Any appeal must set forth in writing the specific grounds for the appeal and be directed to the City Clerk. Refer to the Municipal Code for more information regarding the appeals process, or contact the City Clerk at (949) 461-3420.
For information on a specific project, please contact the planner assigned to that project.
Planner Title Phone Email
Gayle Ackerman
Director of Community Development (949) 461-3463
Niki Wetzel Assistant Director of Community Development (949) 461-3479
Ron Santos
Senior Planner (949) 461-3449
Marie Luna Senior Planner (949) 461-3466

Kirt Coury Contract Senior Planner (949) 461-3466
Jennifer Mansur
Associate Planner (949) 461-3472
Amanda Lauffer
Assistant Planner (949) 461-3491
Bryan Tung Planning Intern (949) 461-3496

Current Projects

For a list of projects that the Planning Division is currently processing, click here.

Recent Decisions

The table below is a list of recent decisions and corresponding appeal periods, when applicable.
Case No. Planner Approving Body Description Location Applicant Status
CP 06-18-5181 JM Admin Minor modifications to a previously-approved retaining wall located adjacent to the western property line and Tamarisk (Street) for the Teresina Residential Community.  Tract 15594 – North of Trabuco Road, East of Bake Parkway, at the northern end of Peachwood Cory Yoder, Shea Homes LP Approved on July 12, 2018. Appeal period to end on July 26, 2018.
CP 06-18-5178 BT Admin A request to remove and replace 3 existing RRU’s, add 6 new RRU’s, on an existing wireless facility and install associated equipment within an existing equipment enclosure 27492 Portola Parkway Stella Shih, AT&T Approved on July 12, 2018. Appeal period to end on July 26, 2018.
CP 06-18-5167 BT Admin Replace existing Healy system with a new wall-mounted canister on the northwest elevation of an existing Mobil Gas Station. 21762 Lake Forest Drive Ahmad Ghaderi, A&S Engineering Approved on July 3, 2018. Appeal period to end on July 18, 2018.
CP 06-18-5174 AL Admin Minor exterior modifications to Joann’s retail store, including rear roll-up door, delivery ramp, storefront windows, and new paint. 26742 Portola Parkway Katrina Garcia, Permit Place Approved on June 28, 2018. Appeal period to end on July 13, 2018.
CP 06-18-5175 BT Admin A request to remove and replace 6 antennas and install 9 new RRU’s in an existing monocypress wireless facility. 25751 Trabuco Road Mike Peluso, AT&T Approved on June 27, 2018. Appeal period to end on July 12, 2018.