Campaign Disclosures

Campaign Disclosure Statement

To preserve the privacy of persons who participate in the political process by making contributions to candidates for elective office, the addresses from the campaign disclosure statements have been redacted for the internet version (contributors only). Full copies (without redactions) are available in the City Clerk's Office for review or copies can be provided for $0.10 per page.

Public Access Portal

The Political Reform Act, Sections 81000-91015 of the California Government Code, contains the provisions for campaign disclosure.  The Act requires all candidates and committees supporting or opposing candidates or ballot measures to file campaign statements.  The statements are intended to inform the voters about who is contributing to candidates and political committees, how much is being contributed and when, and what is being spent by candidates and committees.  .

Campaign Disclosure Statements are public documents. Any member of the public may inspect and copy any statement. Forms must be available as soon as possible during the agency's regular business hours, but in any event not later than the second business day after the statement is received.

Use the public portal to view Campaign Disclosure Statements filed beginning in July, 2015.  For statements filed prior to July, 2015, use the archive search menu found at the bottom of this page

Independent Expenditure reports made by non-City or candidate-controlled committees or individuals regarding the 2016 Election can be found below:

In support or opposition to Adam Nick

In support or opposition to Dwight Robinson

Campaign Disclosure Filer Access Portal

The Filer Access Portal is a web-based, data entry filing system that allows individuals to submit their Campaign Disclosure reports mandated by the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) to the Electronic Filing System free of charge.

Use the Filer Access Portal to create Campaign Disclosure statements for electronic filing and creating paper copies to file with your filing officer. Visit
NetFile to get started.

Archive for Statement of Economic Interest and Campaign Disclosure Statements

View the archive (pre-2014) for Statement of Economic Interest and Campaign Disclosure Statements.