Park Improvements

The City's vision revolves around the preservation of its identity: an established image of lakes, creeks, forests, parks, and open space. In order to foster this distinctive, suburban identity, the Maintenance Division continuously maintains and further enriches the beauty of the City. Lake Forest's 30 public parks offer acres of great outdoor pleasure. Everything from tennis, handball, basketball and volleyball courts, tot lots, cozy picnic areas and barbecues is conveniently available at the parks within the City.

With the number of summer concerts and year-round activities in the parks along with sport practices on the fields, the City's parks experience high usage. The Maintenance Division recognizes parks impact on the well being of the community and identifies public park areas in need of enhancement. Together with the Community Services Department and input from the Lake forest community, these special improvement projects include upgrades to irrigation, plants, trees, fields, playground equipment, and park amenities. This Division constantly looks for opportunities to replace landscaping with drought tolerant vegetation reducing the usage of potable/drinking water. This Division also looks at every opportunity to use reclaimed water for irrigation purposes.

Improvement Projects

​Ranchwood Park

In summer 2016, Ranchwood Park landscape renovations were completed.

Pebble Creek Park

In summer 2016, Pebble Creek Park landscape renovation and terrace system erosion control was were completed.

​Mountain View Park

In summer 2016, Mountain View Park landscape renovations were completed.

​Cherry Park

In summer 2016, Cherry Park landscape and creek renovations were completed.

Darrin Park

In January 2015, Darrin park landscape renovations were completed. This work included the removal of old and damaged plant material, redesigned areas with new plant material, and added 1" x 4" composite boarding for separation of turf and planter areas.

Peachwood Park

In November 2014, the renovations to Peachwood Park were completed. The renovation improvements added drought tolerant trees and shrubs to conserve water. In addition, ground cover was layered on slopes and landscape beds to add to the City water conservation efforts.