Etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest Virtually

One of the most beautiful things about skateboarding is how much it has grown and adapted to fit the surrounding environment.  When massive droughts struck California in the 1970s, transition skating was born from an abundance of empty pools.  Years later, when cities began building sculptures, ledges, and plazas, us skaters gradually evolved into graceful street technicians.  Now, in the time of social media, skateboarding has branched into everything from fashion, daredevils, DIY enthusiasts, and much, much more.  We have proven countless times that we are able to adapt and thrive in any situation, and this current one is no different.

In keeping with temporary safety guidelines, Etnies Skatepark is pleased to announce that it will now be hosting digital programs that you can participate in from home!  Accessed via our Instagram, these programs will include things such as contests, trick-tips, Skatepark trivia, and at-home projects to keep you all busy until we open up again.  Follow the link to join up and stay stoked!  Click here for more!