Marijuana Testing Lab Permit

Earlier this year, the Lake Forest City Council adopted an ordinance to allow up to two marijuana testing labs with a City-issued permit in certain industrial zoning districts in the City. The new ordinance is limited to Marijuana Testing Labs, and the City will continue to prohibit any commercial retail sales, distribution, manufacturing, or cultivation of marijuana in the City. The following documents include the “Applicant’s Guide to Marijuana Testing Lab Permits” which includes the new permit process and regulations for Marijuana Testing Labs, and the related Application. If you have any questions on filing a Marijuana Testing Lab Permit, please contact Ashley Melchor in the Community Development Department at (949) 461-3474 or by email at

A Marijuana Testing Lab permit is required for all businesses within the City that provide Marijuana Testing as defined within Chapter 5.42 of the Lake Forest Municipal Code. It is unlawful for any person to operate or conduct a marijuana testing lab business within the City unless the person: (1) has a valid marijuana testing lab permit from the City; and (2) is currently in compliance with all applicable State and local laws. The establishment or operation of any other business of commercial marijuana activity remains prohibited in the City of Lake Forest.