Community Choice Aggregation

What is a CCA Image

The Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program is a public electric utility service allowing residents the option of getting their electrical power from a utility provider or a local government entity.

On November 20, 2020, the City of Irvine and Fullerton executed a Joint Powers Authority agreement forming Orange County Power Authority (OCPA). The City of Irvine committed to funding the launch of the CCA effort through 2027. Lake Forest joined the newly created OCPA on December 15, 2020, allowing potential lower costs to residents and businesses. All Southern California Edison (SCE) customers living in a city in OCPA jurisdictions will automatically join the program unless they choose to opt out and continue purchasing directly from SCE.

OCPA will offer retail electricity to residents and businesses as an alternative to SCE, as well as energy and climate change related programs. Customers will have choice over their retail electricity options and may return to SCE service at any time. OCPA expects to offer rate savings, electricity rate stabilization, local control over energy sources, economic development initiatives, and place more renewable energy onto the grid while supporting programs to reduce energy consumption. These programs could include electric vehicle charging stations, net energy metering, energy efficiency grants and rebates, and low-income customer assistance. 

OCPA will be governed by representatives of member cities.

In 2021, OCPA will plan for the CCA’s launch by building a staff and consultant team, buying power, and developing customer platforms and programs in addition to other start-up functions. Several other cities have expressed interest in joining in 2021. OCPA will likely launch in 2022. Cities can opt out of the authority without penalty through April 1, 2021.