Bounce Houses

Bounce House Application

Reserve A Park Shelter

Reserving a Park Shelter and Obtaining a Bounce House Permit

Any individual or group interested in using a bounce house at a City facility is required to complete the following applications: Applicants must complete the Park Shelter Reservation online prior to submitting a Bounce House Application. A Bounce House Application must be submitted at least 30-days prior to the desired date of the event. The Bounce House Application includes a list of the City's list of approved vendors. The vendors on this list meet all the City's requirements for providing this service on City-owned property. Renters are to indicate which bounce house supplier he/she selected on Permit application. A Bounce House Application will not be reviewed and/or approved until the facility renter has provided this information. As a result of the application review process, the renter may receive approval of their park shelter reservation prior to review and/or approval of their Bounce House Application.

Approved Bounce House Suppliers

Patrons interested in using bounce houses at a City facility are required to use a supplier identified on the City's preferred vender list. The City reserves the right to revoke the renter's park shelter reservation and/or Special Events Permit without refund should the renter use a bounce house supplier not included on the City's preferred vender list. Additionally, the City reserves the right to deny any future Special Events Permit application and park shelter reservation in the event that the applicant retained a bounce house supplier not included on the City's preferred vender list.

Facility Use

The City allows use of bounce houses at the following park facilities on Saturdays and Sundays during regular park hours in conjunction with a park shelter reservation:

• Concourse Park

• El Toro Park

• Mountain View Park

• Pittsford Park

• Rimgate Park

Bounce house suppliers must abide by the following provisions:

• Delivery of ASTM F2374-10 compliant bounce house device.

• ASTM F2374-10 compliant set up of compliant bounce house device.

• Disassembly and pick-up of bounce house device.

• Bounce House devices must be fully enclosed and may not include slides, water features, personal inflatable devises, dunk tanks, and/or obstacles.

• Suppliers may not drive or remain parked on turf or sidewalks to access locations for set up. Suppliers may use dollies or hand trucks to transport equipment to and from the set-up location.

• Suppliers are prohibited from installing bounce houses devises on top of or near irrigation equipment.

Individuals whose applications have been denied shall have ten (10) days from the date of the denial to request an appeal hearing with the Director of Community Services. The appeal request shall be in writing and submitted to the Director. Within twenty (20) days of receiving the appeal request, the Director shall provide the appeal hearing. The Director shall have the right to overrule the application denial, uphold the application denial, or take any other action deemed appropriate. The renter may appeal the decision of the Director to the City Manager or his/her designee. The City Manager or his/her or her designee's decision on such appeal shall be final.