Current Projects and Recent Decisions

Updated August 2022

Most decisions are effective 15 days after the date of the City’s Notice of Decision unless an appeal is filed.

Administrative approvals by the Director of Community Development may be appealed to the Planning Commission. Planning Commission decisions may be appealed to the City Council. Any appeal must set forth in writing the specific grounds for the appeal and be directed to the City Clerk. Refer to the Municipal Code for more information regarding the appeals process, or contact the City Clerk at (949) 461-3420.

For information on a specific project, please contact the planner assigned to that project.

Planner Title Phone Email
Gayle Ackerman, AICP
Director of Community Development (949) 461-3463 Email Gayle Ackerman
Amy Stonich, AICP Assistant Director of Community Development (949) 461-3479 Email Amy Stonich 
Ron Santos
Senior Planner (949) 461-3449 Email Ron Santos
Marie Luna Senior Planner (949) 461-3466 Email Marie Luna
Jennifer Mansur, AICP
Senior Planner (949) 461-3472 Email Jennifer Mansur
Dominic Matias Planning Intern (949) 461-3496 Email Dominic Matias
Connor Musler Assistant Planner  (949) 461-3491 Email Connor Musler
Sarah Zughayer Contract Planner (949) 461-3573 Email Sarah Zughayer

Current Projects

View a list of projects (PDF) that the Planning Division is processing.

Recent Decisions

The following table is a list of recent decisions and corresponding appeal periods, when applicable.

Project Number Planner Admin/
Planning Commission
Description Address Applicant Status
Changed Plan 01-22-5501 RS ADMIN Modification of existing rooftop wireless communication facility 25371 Commercentre Drive Ben Hackstedde for Verizon Wireless Administratively approved on September 06, 2022. Appeal period ends September 21, 2022.
Changed Plan 08-22-5557 JM ADMIN A request to extend the hours for A4 Volleyball, that was originally approved by Site Development Permit 02-15-4736.

74 Icon Joaquin Acosta

Administratively approved on September 02, 2022. Appeal period ends September 17, 2022.
Site Development Permit 07-22-5552 ML ADMIN Remodel to Sun & Sail Clubhouse's snackbar area: Demolish the existing snack bar and shade structure which total 1,975 square-feet; add a new 751 square-foot snackbar, and 2,475 square-foot shade structure. 24752 Toledo Way Chris Foerstel Administratively approved on September 06, 2022. Appeal period ends September 21, 2022.