Entitlement Status


The Serrano Summit project was approved by the City Council on February 7, 2012. The entitlements included the following:

  • Area Plan 2009-01 to establish the design and character for the master planned residential community;
  • Tentative Tract Map 17331 for the subdivision of the property;
  • Use Permit 9-11-2132, which adopted the development standards included in the Area Plan; and 
  • A Project Specific Environmental Impact Report (“EIR”), which was prepared for the project and analyzed potential project-related environmental impacts.


Subsequently, the City has approved amendments to the Area Plan, Tentative Tract Map, and Development Agreement. In 2019, the City’s Planning Commission approved entitlements for all six neighborhoods, the recreation center, and project signage. 


Construction Status


The Serrano Summit Residential Community is currently under construction. All model home complexes are open to the public and residents have begun moving into the early phases of each neighborhood. The recreation center and neighborhood parks are also completed.

For sales information regarding the Serrano Summit Residential Community, please visit the Lennar Homes website: