Currently Underway

The following projects are in design stages, under environmental review, or under construction:

Project NameProject OverviewAnticipated Completion Date
Sidewalk RepairsThis annual program focuses on repairing damaged existing sidewalks at street and park locations throughout the City. Staff is currently addressing repairs of citywide sidewalk trip hazards. Annual
Surry Seal for Arterial Streets: Serrano, Ridge Route, and Toledo - Week One (PDF) 

Week Two (PDF)

Week Three (PDF)
The Pavement Management Program identified Serrano Road from Toledo Way to El Toro Road, Ridge Route Drive from Trabuco Road to dead end west of Rockfield, and Toledo Way from Bake Parkway to El Toro Road as being the next roads due for repair. The project would also repair approximately 18,000 square feet of deteriorated pavement on Trabuco Road north of Peachwood. In addition to replacing all existing traffic striping, markings, and legends, the proposed project would use approximately 1,450 extra-long tons of type II slurry to seal the existing pavement surface. The project would remove and replace approximately 160,000 square feet of damaged sections of pavement. Upon approval of the award of the contract, staff anticipates that construction would begin on the project in mid-May 2020. The construction contract specifies 50 working days with the work anticipated to be complete in July 2020.
July 2020
Cherry Park Renovations (PDF)
The purpose of this project is to renovate Cherry Park and add a second universally accessible playground in the City. In general, the improvements consist of grading, landscaping, irrigation, site furnishings, redesigned play area with resilient surfacing, new playground equipment, and a new shade structure. The goal is to maintain some of the historic charm while providing park patrons with aesthetically enhanced amenities. The approved concept design for Cherry Park is attached.
October 2020