South County Projects

The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) has a number of freeway improvement programs occurring throughout the county including the I-5 Improvement Project (SR-73 to El Toro). This project will cover 6.5 miles at a cost of approximately $560 million. Funding for the project will come from a combination of federal funds and Measure M funds. The proposed schedule is broken down into the following three phases:

  1. Environmental (2011 to 2014)
  2. Design (2014 to 2018)
  3. Construction (2018 to 2022)

The project will:

  • Extend the second carpool lane from El Toro Road to Alicia Parkway in both directions.
  • Modify ramps as needed.
  • Reconstruct Avery Parkway and La Paz Road interchanges.
  • Reestablish existing auxiliary lanes.
  • Widen the I-5 to accommodate additional general purpose lanes in each direction from SR-73 to Alicia Parkway.

For more information, visit OCTA website.