Massage Establishment License


Thank you for considering a massage establishment in the City of Lake Forest.

Chapter 5.07 of the Lake Forest Municipal Code states the requirements and regulations for massage establishments within the City of Lake Forest. One of these requirements is that all Massage Establishments maintain a valid Massage Establishment License issued by the Lake Forest Code Enforcement Division. For additional information, you can view Chapter 5.07 of the Lake Forest Municipal Code at the following link:

Lake Forest Municipal Code regarding massage establishments

This webpage will provide you with the necessary application forms and information to apply for a Massage Establishment License.

Zoning Approval 

Massage establishments require Planning Commission approval of a Use Permit and are prohibited in certain zoning districts. If your massage establishment does not have an approved Use Permit, please contact the Planning Division at (949) 461-3535 or by email at A planner will determine if the zoning for your proposed establishment’s location meets the City’s zoning requirements and guide you through the Use Permit Process. The Use Permit process usually takes 2-3 months and requires Planning Commission approval at a public hearing. After an establishment obtains approval of a Use Permit, the application for a Massage Establishment License may be submitted to the Code Enforcement Division.

Massage Application

The issuance of a Massage Establishment License ensures that all establishment applicants have registered and completed background checks with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and have also been made aware of the laws, duties, and requirements of owning or operating a massage establishment.

An application for New, Transfer of Ownership or Renewal Massage Establishment License may be found at the following link:

New or Transfer of Ownership Massage Establishment License Application

Renewal Massage Establishment License Application

All Massage Establishment Licenses are valid for one year from the date of issuance. An application to renew a Massage Establishment License is required to be submitted to the City 90-days prior to expiration of an existing license.

Incomplete or inaccurate applications will not be accepted. It is illegal to operate an establishment in the City without a current and valid Massage Establishment License. Massage Establishments that non-compliance with the Lake Forest Municipal Code Chapter 5.07 will result in the issuance of Administrative Citations.

When you are ready to submit a new or renewal application, please make an appointment with Ashley Melchor, Management Assistant to submit the application. Please be sure that you bring ALL the required submittal items listed in the Massage Establishment License Application. Incomplete applications will not be accepted by the City. To make an appointment, please call Ashley Melchor at (949) 461-3474 or by email at