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Sports Park and Recreation Center Wins the California Parks & Recreation Society Award of Excellence

The California Parks and Recreation Society (CPRS) is the statewide professional organization for parks and recreation professionals. At its annual awards ceremony held on March 11, 2016, CPRS recognized the Sports Park and Recreation Center with the 2015 Park Planning Award. The award recognizes excellence in design of public park facilities including high standards in the areas of planning, design, community involvement, operation and maintenance, quality of aesthetics, usability, accessibility and versatility.

This is the fourth design award the facility has won. Other design awards include: "Parks and Recreation Project of the Year" (American Public Works Association); "Engineering Project Achievement Award" (Orange County Engineering Council); and, "Parks and Recreation Project of the Year" (American Society of Civil Engineers, Los Angeles Section).

"After a long journey to transform 86 acres of land into one of the largest recreations sports park in Orange County, visited by nearly 200,000 people in the past year, receiving this award is the frosting on the cake," Scott Wasserman, Director of Community Services.

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The California Parks & Recreation Society mission is to advance the park and recreation profession through education, networking, resources and advocacy. CPRS is the source of resources, tools, advocacy and events that strengthen California's public parks and recreation industry and our professionals. CPRS unites members and creates networks across disciplines and agency boundaries to achieve together what we cannot do alone.

Lake Forest Sports Park Awarded Parks & Recreation Project of the Year Award
Recognizing outstanding projects each year throughout Orange County, the Orange County Branch of American Society of Civil Engineers awarded the City with the “Parks & Recreation Project of the Year Award” for the Lake Forest Sports Park on February 18, 2015.

BigBelly Solar Compactors and Recycling Units

Four eco-friendly BigBelly solar compactors and recycling units are placed near several fields. The bins divide trash from recycling creating two separate streams for ease of collection. Once the bins reach their threshold level, sensors initiate a compaction to create more space holding five times the average amount compared to a normal waste receptacle. When the bins are filled, a wireless signal triggers pick-up. These bins will reduce overflow of trash and decrease the number of collections to promote a cleaner a more enjoyable environment.

Big Belly

Cool Digs!

Over 150 fossils were unearthed from the Sports Park site during the grading period. Findings consisted of mostly teeth, vertebrae, skulls, ribs, flippers, and other parts from marine mammals. Once the fossils are identified, the collection will be housed at the Cooper Center in Fullerton and will be available for future research.