Field Closures

Field Closure Table

Location Date Closed

Sports Park

Multi Use Grass #1 7/5 - 8/28
Multi Use Grass #2 7/5 - 8/28

Multi Use Grass #3

7/5 - 8/28

Synthetic Turf A OPEN
Synthetic Turf B OPEN
Common Grass Area 6/20 - 8/8
Softball #1 6/6 - 7/10
Softball #2 6/6 - 7/10
Softball #3 6/6 - 7/10
Baseball "Pony" #4 6/6 - 7/10
Softball "Girl's" #5 6/6 - 7/10

Heroes Park

Soccer Field 7/18 - 9/2
Baseball #1 7/18 - 9/2
Baseball #2 7/18 - 9/2
Baseball #3 7/18 - 9/2
Baseball #4 7/18 - 9/2

Borrego Park

Soccer Field 6/6- 8/26

Foothill Ranch Community Park

Baseball #1 7/11 -8/26
Baseball #2 7/11 -8/26
Soccer Fields 7/11 -8/26

Rancho Serrano

Grass Area 6/6 - 8/26

Regency Park

Soccer Field 6/6 - 8/26

Rimgate Park

Soccer Field

6/6 - 8/26

Tamarisk Park

Baseball Field

7/11 - 8/26

Baker Ranch Park

Baseball Field & Soccer Field

7/11 - 8/26

Lake Forest Sports Park Gymnasium


Summer Renovations

The City performs annual summer turf renovations on the sports fields from June to August (usually from June 1 – August 15) . The reason for the annual turf renewal is to perform seeding, aeration, fertilization, sod removal and replacement, irrigation repairs and improvements, to prepare the fields for the upcoming recreational soccer and baseball seasons. Fencing and signage are installed on the fields to notify the public that the fields are closed for renovation. During the renovation period, no play of any kind is allowed on the fields in order to allow new grass to grow and the sod to become established.

Similar to most other cities, Lake Forest uses a special grass called Bermuda for its sports fields. Bermuda not only thrives in hot and sunny climates but is durable, and weed and disease resistant. When properly maintained it provides a consistent and smooth surface for athletic fields.

During the ten week summer turf renovation period, the City will take about two to four weeks to complete all the work on the fields. Then the fields need about six to eight weeks to grow and establish. It is critical that the fields be given sufficient time to grow so they can withstand the intense use, especially on the soccer fields. The work cannot start sooner than June due to the needs of the leagues and the weather conditions. The fields must be open for play in mid-August to coincide with the start of fall recreational seasons.

On occasion, the City has been asked to look into the possibility of staggering the field renovations in order to have at least one soccer field and one baseball field open at all times. Unfortunately, there is not sufficient time to allow for back-to-back renovation periods of eight plus weeks, meet the schedules and needs of the leagues, and to allow for sufficient turf establishment in the ideal growing conditions. Even with the eight to ten week timeframe and ideal growing conditions, there are turf areas on most of the soccer and baseball fields that will be completely worn away before the next renovation cycle. This suggests that an even longer growing period would be beneficial.

One of the reasons the City installed synthetic turf soccer fields at the Lake Forest Sports Park is to provide year round soccer play while still allowing for the necessary natural turf field renovations. In addition, for summer 2015, four of five baseball fields will be open at the Sports Park. Therefore, there are opportunities for both major sports to play through this summer.

Fall Renovations

Typically the ground temperature begins to drop to approximately 50 degrees at, or near the end of September. At that time, Bermuda grass stops growing and goes dormant. If no other turf operations are performed, the areas with only dormant Bermuda will begin to turn brown. In order to keep the turf areas strong and green during the non-summer months, the City performs an annual fall turf renovation.

The annual fall turf renovation (winter rye seeding) procedure occurs at or near the beginning of October. Landscape crews gradually cut the turf shorter each week. Once a desirable height is achieved, dethatching and final lowering of the turf will be done. The annual rye seeding and fertilization process will follow with short cycles of irrigation for approximately three to four weeks during the day and night. The winter rye seeding process keeps the City's parks green during the colder winter months. The rye seed grows during the colder days and begins dying during the spring – early summer days, at which time the Bermuda grasses begin to come out of dormancy. This annual process is necessary in order to maintain the beauty and health of the turf at our Parks.

*Natural Turf closed for turf renovations. Synthetic Turf fields are open.

Yes denotes the respective field(s) that are closed while the remaining areas of the park are open.

While some of our sports fields are being renovated, stop by any one of our other 20 City parks.