Adult Softball League Rules

League Information

Please remember that the league does guarantee night of play but cannot guarantee classification or game times.

Schedules, Scores, and Standings

League schedules, scores and standings are available online on the Lake Forest Sports Park & Recreation Center Website.

Points of Emphasis

Maximum pitching height is 16 feet for D, D+, C- and coed.

Maximum pitching height is 12 feet for C (Thursday) competitive play.

Bats listed on the ASA Non Approved Bat List (PDF) will not be permitted for any league. For co-ed leagues, men can use single wall bats only. No double wall, multi-wall, two piece bats or composite (handle or barrel) will be permitted for men in coed play.

Pitchers Rectangle
The rectangle will extend six feet back from the pitching rubber and will be the same width as the rubber. Pitchers may pitch from anywhere inside the rectangle. The same rules will apply to the pitchers rectangle and the pitchers rubber.


Rosters must be submitted prior to the start of the FIRST GAME. Add/drops must be submitted prior to the start of the THIRD GAME. Teams that do not submit a roster will not be permitted to participate in the playoffs. All players participating in the playoffs must have picture ID in order to compete. Failure to present it to the umpire upon request will disqualify that individual player from competition.

1. Each team will submit a complete roster with a maximum of sixteen (16) players, eighteen (18) in Coed.
2. COMPLETED Rosters must be turned in to the Umpire or Community Services Office by the first regular season game.
3. No additions or deletions may be made after the start of the THIRD regular season game.
4. All roster changes must come to the Community Services Office in person.


All players must be 18 years or older. Players may only participate on one City of Lake Forest TEAM PER NIGHT. If a player is found to be playing illegally, the player as well as the team manager will be suspended for the remainder of the season.

Rain Outs

Games are cancelled due to inclement weather. If the weather is questionable, call the MUD Line at (949) 273-6972 for updated league information. All games will be played as scheduled unless cancelled on the MUD Line. Cancelled games will be made up at the end of the season prior to playoffs.

Forfeit Procedures
1. If a team forfeits a game, the forfeiting team will pay the City of Lake Forest Umpire $30.00 prior to their next game.
2. If a team forfeits a second time, the manager must pay $30.00 cash to the City of Lake Forest Umpire. Failure to pay will result in the team not participating until the forfeit fee has been paid.
3. If a team forfeits a third time, the manager must pay $30.00 cash to the Community Services Office and will automatically be dropped from the League with no refund.
For further information, please call the Community Services Department at (949) 273-6972.