Fourth of July Parade Committee

Be a part of the fun by joining the Fourth of July Parade Committee to help plan the parade. The Parade Committee meets every 1st or 2nd Monday of the month (refer to the calendar for meeting dates) at the Lake Forest Recreation Center. Interested committee members are asked to contact Laura Lisack, Parade Director, at llisack@lakeforestca.gov.

Parade Volunteers

The City is welcoming interested volunteers to help us plan the annual parade. Join us at any of our 4th of July Parade Committee meetings and help us plan this great citywide annual event. All parade committee members must fill out a volunteer application packet. Please contact Ms. Lisack to obtain a packet.

Volunteer Duties: 

  • Help build the parade committee float.
  • Be an Assembly Captain and organize parade participants on the day of the parade.
  • Help parade participants check-in and stage.
  • Help organize and inform parade participants.

All volunteers must abide by the City Volunteer Code of Conduct (PDF).

For more volunteer information, please contact Recreation Manager, Laura Lisack at llisack@lakeforestca.gov or 949-461-3451

Current Volunteer Openings

Assembly Captain (2 spots available)

  • Responsible for staging and guiding 8-12 entries through Parade Route
  • Welcome each entrant, introduce yourself, and assist entrants in locating and parking at their assigned staging locations
  • Brief entrants on rules and regulations
  • During staging, ensure that individuals do not block traffic flow by congregating in the middle of the streets
  • Walk in the Parade with your staging group, maintaining proper spacing between entries, ensure orderly entry into the de-staging area..
  • Return vests, walkie-talkies, etc. to volunteer check-in

Information Booths (2 spots available)

  • Answer spectator questions (i.e. restroom & Port-O-Let locations, parade route, start time, pancake breakfast etc.)
  • Inform parade participants of their line-up areas and explain curb numbers
  • Hand out flags and programs
  • Use walkie-talkie to communicate with committee members
  • Return all materials to volunteer check-in

Check-in Booth (1-2 spots available)

  • Pass out entry packets
  • Mark check-in sheet to document arrival of entrant
  • Hand out flags and programs
  • Answer parade participants questions and direct them to line-up areas
  • Report "no-shows" to Cox Spotter
  • Return all materials to volunteer check-in

Cox Spotter (1 spot available)

  • Check-In with Cox Producer stationed on parade route at Toledo & Timberland
  • During staging, check to see that entries have their number placards properly positioned
  • Just prior to parade start, determine no-shows from the three check-in areas.
  • During parade, you will be stationed on parade route (prior to Toledo & Timberland) with walkie-talkie and will name/describe the entries that are spotted ahead to Cox Producer over walkie-talkie.