Historical Timeline

The City reached another milestone with the first cement pour at the Civic Center site.
City Council awarded a contract to Boudreau Pipeline Corporation in the amount of $3.4 million for street improvements on Civic Center Drive. City Council also awarded a contract to Red Brick's Consulting in the amount of $375,170 for owner's representative services.
City Council approved a contract change order for construction for the Civic Center Phase 1 Rough Grading project due to several unforeseen items such as adding grading to the mitigation area, which required additional resources to keep construction progressing and to prevent future delays.City Council awarded a design-build contract to ARB Structures of Lake Forest, for the Civic Center Parking Deck Project in the amount of $7.6 million. The parking deck would include 308 parking stalls, an elevator, three flights of stairs, and infrastructure capable of installing photovoltaic (solar) panels in the future. ARB will have 290 calendar days to design and construct the project, which is expected to be completed by Spring 2018.
City Council received an update regarding the project including the Groundbreaking Ceremony date set for May 12, 2017, rough grading activities, and construction of the parking garage. Council approved a $2.44 million construction contract for Phase I Civic Center Grading with Sukut Construction. This phase begins in May and is expected to be completed by August 2017. In addition, Council approved the process to involve the senior community to help name their future Senior Center. 
City Council approved the Design Development phase which refines the Schematic Design by focusing on the details (e.g. materials, building systems) to help the public understand how the Civic Center will function and visualize what the Civic Center will look like. This allows Carrier Johnson to prepare Construction Documents. Council also discussed the architectural exterior and interior design, final dais configuration, and LEED Certification. 
The first major physical activity on the Civic Center site is the "Brush Crush," to prepare the site for grading. The Brush Crush is designed to lower the chances that Gnat Catchers will find suitable nesting areas, which, if nesting, would delay the grading activities at the site. The Gnat Catchers is a protected species that generally starts nesting in mid-February. This process should take approximately two weeks.
City Council approved the Second Reading of Ordinance No. 290 to permit the use of Design-Build Project delivery method.
City maintenance contractor completed the removal of the remaining trees and non-native vegetation within the designated mitigation area. The trees were left so nesting birds would not be disturbed and removed immediately after nesting season concluded. Temporary fencing has been placed to identify the mitigation area for future planning.
City Council approved a design-build process for the construction of the single deck parking structure at the Lake Forest Civic Center Site.
City Council approved renaming Indian Ocean Drive to Civic Center Drive. This will serve as the primary point of access to the future Lake Forest Civic Center. This change would become effective in 2018.
The City held a special joint meeting of the Parks and Recreation Commission and the Senior Advisory Board on Thursday, October 20. The meeting provided the public an opportunity to solicit feedback regarding public spaces as laid out in the schematic design. The presentation included the review of major project milestones, the landscape master plan, the Senior Center, and the Community Center.
On September 20, the City Council approved the Schematic Design, which shows concept renderings of City Hall, the Community Center, the Policing Center, and a two-story parking structure. A schematic design focuses on the "big idea," providing drawings that help the community visualize the buildings and their relationships with each other. It shows the overall general floor plan, simple elevations, and 3D views of each building. 
City Council received and filed presentation from architect Carrier Johnson. The architect provided a detailed overview of the interior plans for the major facilities, as well as additional visuals to illustrate the schematic design development of the Community Center's proposed partially covered, enclosed courtyard.
City Council approved the schematic design for comments and the First Amendment to the Bernards Bros. construction management contract modifying the scope of work and increasing compensation.
Civic Center Community Workshop II held to build upon key themes from the March 19, 2016 workshop.
City Council approved a three-year agreement with P2S Engineering for Civic Center Technology Design and Project Management Services in the amount of $348,500. The design of the Civic Center’s technology infrastructure will be critical to the functionality, flexibility, and usability of the Lake Forest Civic Center. This infrastructure includes physical infrastructure, hardware, communications systems, security systems, and audio-visual systems.
Senior Center Community Workshop II held to build upon key themes from the February 25, 2016 workshop.
Civic Center Community Workshop I to discuss potential amenities for the new Civic Center.
City Council authorized staff to pursue Green building certification/LEED Certified Status for the Civic Center to to promote sustainable design, thereby reducing environmental impacts.
City received approval to begin cutting invasive vegetation marking the first steps towards clearing the site for the future Civic Center. As part of the environmental measures, the City is required to remove all non-native vegetation located in the mitigation area. The City will not move or disturb any nesting birds located in the area. Once complete, temporary fencing will be placed around the mitigation area.
Senior Center Community Workshop I to discuss potential amenities for the new facility.
City Council reviews schematic plans for Civic Center from Carrier Johnson and requests follow up presentation on floor plans for Civic Center buildings.
City resumes negotiations with Irvine Ranch Water District to address the loss of 1.5 acres of buildable land at the Civic Center site.
City awards contracts for Construction Management (Bernards Bros.) and Architectural Design (Carrier Johnson + CULTURE) services.
City receives Fish and Game Code Section 1600 Streambed Alteration Agreement from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.
City receives Clean Water Act Section 401 Water Quality Certification from the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board.
Negotiations with Irvine Ranch Water District are suspended.
Army Corps of Engineers determines a Letter of Permission will not suffice and states the project now requires an Individual Permit.
City Council authorizes the release of RFPs for Architectural and Design services and Construction Management services.
Army Corps of Engineers indicates Civic Center project will qualify for a Letter of Permission.
City and Irvine Ranch Water District present Army Corps of Engineers with a revised Conceptual Plan which reduces the 9-acre buildable area by approximately 1.5 acres.
Staff requests authorization from the City Council to begin negotiations with Irvine Ranch Water District to amend the Development Agreement to address the reduction in net usable acres due to the Special Area Management Plan.
Army Corps of Engineers implements a new "Special Area Management Plan" for the San Diego Creek Watershed.
City and Irvine Ranch Water District jointly begins effort to obtain necessary regulatory permits.
City Council approves the Area Plan, Tentative Tract Map, and Environmental Impact Report for the Serrano Summit Development.
City develops a preliminary Conceptual Site Plan.
City Council affirms Planning Principles for the Project.
City accepts Offer of Dedication for the Civic Center site.
City conducts Opportunity Study Analysis to determine City Hall, Community Center, and Sports Park Needs Assessment and Program.