Fire Safety and Awareness

Ready, Set, Go! gives you the tools to protect you, your family, property and community from wildfires. Download the Wildfire is Coming, Are You Ready to Go! (PDF) brochure to get your home ready for wildfire.

Learn more about fire prevention and safety education efforts with Orange County Fire Authority and CAL FIRE.

Ready, Set, Go - House on Fire

What is a Red Flag Warning? (PDF)

Red Flag Warning

Very High Fire Hazard Severity Map

California Government Code Section 51178 requires the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) to identify "very high fire hazard severity zones" using consistent statewide criteria. CAL FIRE is also required to periodically review the very high fire hazard severity zone areas and make updated recommendations as needed. Utilizing fire modeling methods which take into consideration scientific aspects of an area, such as climate, topography, geography, and history of fire, CAL FIRE has reevaluated wild-fire hazards and identified very high fire hazard severity zones in the state.

Buildings constructed in areas identified as very high fire hazard severity zones are required to be built using fire-resistant features, such as those identified in the California Building Code, Chapter 7A. California Government Code Section 51179 requires local jurisdictions are required to adopt the updated Very High Fire Hazard Severity zones within 120 days after receiving recommendations from CAL FIRE. The City Council adopted the Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone Map (PDF) on February 7, 2012.