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Annual Slurry Seal Project

Portola Hills Zone G Schedule: The City of Lake Forest will be slurry sealing Portola Hills in the spring of 2021, to ensure a safe, smooth roadway surface and make certain the roadways last as long as possible. The schedule allows for on-street parking within 1,000 feet from any home impacted by that day's work. Slurry sealing will occur during the week, including trash-pick up days, when the work will take place after the trash is picked up.

This project will be completed in four general phases. First, a crew will be in the streets crack sealing. This activity will place sealant in cracks that meet specific criteria, not necessarily every crack. Second, a pavement repair crew will complete spot repairs of the areas that have the greatest deterioration. These areas have already been identified by the City. Third, a crew will place slurry over the entire streets. Fourth, a crew will restripe pavement markings. Throughout the process there will be various parking restriction and traffic control signs, please adhere to all posted signage. Trash will be picked up on the normal pickup schedule. The contractor, will notify you via door hangers seven days prior to work, and again 24 hours prior.

The City's goal is to provide good, quality roads for our residents. This will require the City to interrupt you normal routines while the project is under construction. The City is working to get you back to your normal routines as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience while the City improves your streets.

The Portola Hills Schedule can be found by clicking the link below:

Area G Week of 04 05 21

Area C Week of 04 05 21

Click here for schedule

The City maintains approximately 200 miles of roadway. Slurry seal provides a protective coating to reduce wear and prevent water from seeping into the roadway, which can cause potholes.

For any questions please contact Taylor Abernathy, Principal Civil Engineer, 461-3490, or Douglas Erdman, Assistant City Engineer/Engineering Services Manager, 282-5233.

Map of Slurry Seal Zones

Lake Forest Slurry Seal Zone Map