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  1. eLakeForest - Contact Support

    This form was formerly the eLakeForest Registration Request submittal form. It now serves as a "contact support" page, since the... More…

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  1. CCA
  2. Clean Lake Forest - Location Suggestion
  3. Clean Lake Forest Citywide Clean-Up Event
  4. Clean Lake Forest National Day of Clean-Up Event September 18, 2021
  5. Expand the Forest
  6. Foothill Ranch Community Park Roller Hockey Rink Questionnaire
  7. Lake Forest Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Interest Registration
  8. PAC Advisory Committee Application

    Lake Forest is forming an advisory committee to help guide the use of the 200-seat Performing Arts Center at the Civic Center.... More…

  9. Submit Scoping Comments
  1. City of Lake Forest SMS Sign Up
  2. Clean Lake Forest 11/6/21
  3. Clean Lake Forest Clean California Bulky Item Collection and Cleanup
  4. Community Hero Nomination

    When bad things happen, Lake Forest residents step up. Do you know a Lake Forest resident who has become a Community Hero during the... More…

  5. Fall 2019 Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Confirmation

    The Fall 2019 Lake Forest CERT training begins on Monday, September 9. Classes run from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Mondays for seven weeks.... More…

  6. Lake Forest Civic Center Open House Registration Form
  7. National Grandparents Day
  8. Security Camera Rebate Program