Volunteers in Parks

The City Council directed staff to create a Volunteers in Parks ("VIP") Program. The program invites community members to assist in surveying parks in a systematic and transparent way, thereby providing staff with increased observations to provide an overall condition assessment as well as detect equipment and landscape replacement opportunities and/or public safety concerns.

Volunteers will conduct park inspections on a quarterly basis for each of the 31 City parks.  Inspections would consist of restroom facilities, amenities, equipment, and landscaping. The initial commitment would be for one year for consistency.  The program would be evaluated thereafter for any necessary adjustments.  

Each volunteer will be assigned to a park to inspect and can decide to do more than one park, if desired.  Staff will initially reach out to Leadership Academy graduates in early June.  If necessary, staff will solicit volunteers through public outreach efforts and contact residents that live near a park and have contacted the City on a regular basis with park updates.  

Initially, staff will train volunteers by meeting each volunteer at their perspective park.  Inspection forms will be web based and allow each volunteer to input their data on a mobile device.  This will enable City staff to capture the information for repairs.  The rating scale will be 1 to 5, with 1 representing significant attention and a 5 representing a well-maintained park with limited or few issues. 

Each volunteer will be required to receive a Live Scan background screening prior to receiving clearance to be a volunteer as well as complete the required volunteer forms.  

If you have any questions, please contact:

Peggy Samantha

Management Aide

Public Works Department

(949) 461-3493