City Clerk

The City Clerk's Department is responsible for a variety of functions including:

  1. Clerk of the City Council: Prepare agendas; record and maintain proceeding of meetings (Minutes); issue Public Notices; and attest, publish/post, index, Resolutions and Ordinances; and coordinates the Commission appointment process; post Local Appointment List (Maddy Act).
  2. City Clerk: Answer/or refer citizen inquiries; maintain custody of City Seal; administer and file Oaths of Office; accept and process claims, summons, and subpoenas; receive and open bids; notarize/certify documents; and accept Deeds and Grants which convey an interest to the City.
  3. Conduct Elections: meet with candidates; receive nomination papers and petitions and register voters.
  4. Filing Officer for the Political Reform Act of 1974: Administer the Conflict of Interest Code; Accept and transmit necessary Campaign Statements and Conflict of Interests to the Fair Political Practices Commission.
  5. Custodian of Records: Act as City Archivist/Historian; maintain City's Central File System; oversee authorized destruction of records; public records requests for records under the California Public Records Act and coordinate information requested by Subpoenas for Records.
  6. Service Delivery: Accept U.S. Passport Applications; Provide Notary service to the public. (These services are temporarily suspended).
  7. Grievance Procedures: Oversees the City's grievance procedures and policy.