Speaking at a Council Meeting

Request to Speak

If you wish to address the City Council on an Agenda item, please complete a Request to Speak (PDF) form. The form must be submitted to the City Clerk before or during the meeting. This form pertains to all items on the agenda including the consent calendar, public hearing matters, and discussion / action items. After you have turned in the Request to Speak form, your name will be called at the appropriate time.

Public Comment Period

Comments are limited to three (3) minutes per person and an overall time limit of 30 minutes for the public comments portion of the agenda. Per the Brown Act, the City Council is restricted from taking any formal action on items under public comments, however, they have the ability to make a brief comment on the item, or direct city staff to schedule the item for consideration at a future City Council meeting.

When addressing the City Council, please step forward to the podium and:

  • Speak directly into the microphone.
  • State your name clearly for the record.
  • State your City of residence.