New Laws and Regulations

Read the new laws and regulations recently adopted by the City Council.

Recent Amendments

The amendments listed below are ordinances that have gone into effect within the last 6-months. View the Lake Forest Municipal Code for a complete listing of City laws and regulations.

Copies of all Ordinances and Resolutions may be found through the City's online records portal.

Ordinance Number 303: Regulation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Commonly Known as Drones

Imposes community-based safety requirements on the operation of model aircraft and imposes restrictions on the operation of unmanned aircraft systems consistent with Federal Aviation Rules to mitigate risks and to protect the public from the hazards associated with the operation of unmanned aircraft.

Ordinance Number 302: Amending Various Chapters of the Lake Forest Municipal Code and Zoning Code to Make Minor Clean-up Amendments

This ordinance updates various sections of the Lake Forest Municipal Code, in order to define and clarify Municipal Code provisions, correct clerical errors, and/or provide consistency with State law.

Ordinance Number 301: Establishing By-District Elections, defining District Boundaries and Scheduling Elections Within Each District

Provides for the election of the Members of the City Council by-district in five single-member districts, sets the boundaries for those districts, and further sets the election schedule within each district.

Ordinance Number 300: Regulation of Sound Amplification and Noise for Special Events

This ordinance regulates sound amplification and noise for special events by including such regulations as part of the conditions for obtaining a special event permit.

Ordinance Number 299: Purchase of Goods and Services

Allows the City to make purchases for goods and services through cooperative agreements or "piggybacking" with other public agencies, provided the agreements were awarded or established following a competitive selection process.

Ordinance Number 298: Accessory Dwelling Units

Regulates Accessory Dwelling Units to only be permitted in residential areas of the City containing a detached single-family structure on a lot greater than 4,000 square feet. In addition, this law also establishes development standards within state limitations, for parking, height, lot coverage, fees, and maximum unit size where permissible by State law.

Ordinance Number 297: Transitory Lodgings

This ordinance is intended to make the restrictions on transitory lodgings easier to understand and enforce. The regulations are designed to fairly and equitably address transitory-lodging uses while protecting the character of single and multifamily neighborhoods. Transitory lodging is defined as "the use of any structure or portion of a structure to provide lodging in exchange for compensation on either (a) a short-term basis or (b) a long-term basis under multiple agreements. Boarding houses, hotels and short-term rentals are examples of transitory-lodging uses." Therefore, transitory lodging is a prohibited use in all single-family and multifamily residential districts but allows for some limited exceptions such as:

  • Limited home rentals
  • Transitional housing
  • Supportive housing

Ordinance Number 296: Purchase of Goods, Services and Public Projects

Changes the order authority delegated to the City Manager for purchases of materials, supplies, equipment or nonprofessional service contracts, professional services contracts and public works contracts consistent among all types of contracts; and also amends the Lake Forest Municipal Code to allow the City Council to delegate approval for formal bidding prior to the issuance of the notice inviting bids.

Ordinance Number 295: Planning and Traffic Commission

Expands the Planning Commission's role and responsibilities to address traffic and vehicle issues citywide.

Ordinance Number 294: Public Nuisances and Oversized Vehicle Parking

Institutes an overnight parking ban for vehicles with attached trailers in residential areas to discourage long-term parking on city streets and maintain neighborhood aesthetics. The law does not apply to recreational vehicles parked overnight for loading and unloading purposes only or vehicles with attached trailers parked on private property.

In addition, unattended overnight parking of 18-wheelers such as tractor-trailers, truck and trailer combinations, tractor-trailer buses, tanker vehicles, livestock carriers, and flatbeds are prohibited citywide. Oversized vehicles in violation of the City's Overnight Parking Ordinance are subject to a $46 fine.