District Elections

What do District Elections mean for Lake Forest?

Since the November 2018 election, Lake Forest has elected members of the City Council from individual districts, instead of by citywide vote.

How do I find out what District I live in?

Residents can check the City Wide Map with Election Districts - 2022 online. Agree to the terms and conditions of the use agreement and click “ok”. A map will appear. Enter your address into the text box and press enter.

How do I find my polling location?

Orange County has transitioned from polling locations to Vote Centers.   Voters will now be able to vote at any of the designated centers in the County. To find Vote Center locations click here.

What’s the difference between by-district elections and previous City district elections?

Previously, council members had to live within the geographical boundaries of the City, and all registered voters in the City could vote for all eligible seats. As of 2018, voters in each district select one Council representative who must live in that district.

Why the change?

The California Voting Rights Act of 2001 (CVRA), prohibits the use of an at-large election in a political subdivision if it would impair the ability of a protected class, as defined, to elect candidates of its choice or otherwise influence the outcome of an election. The CVRA provides that a voter who is a member of a protected class may bring an action in superior court to enforce the provisions of the CVRA, and, if the voter prevails in the case, he or she may be awarded reasonable litigation costs and attorney’s fees. The CVRA requires a court to implement appropriate remedies, including the imposition of district-based elections, that are tailored to remedy a violation of the act.

Who creates the district boundaries and how often can they be revised?

The City hired a Consultant, held a series of workshops and Public Hearings at which they received input from residents, and the City Council adopted a new district boundary map was adopted in 2022. To see the map, click here. The law requires the boundaries to be reviewed every 10 years following receipt of the US Census data.

Redistricting - 2021

Click Here for 2021 information.