Traffic and Parking Commission

Traffic and Parking Commission Members

The Traffic and Parking Commission advises the City Council on issues relating to parking and the safe and efficient movement of traffic, including vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, and other modes of transportation upon the circulation network of the City. The Commission will provide recommendations related to traffic and parking including, but not limited to traffic and parking related field studies, requests for traffic control devices, requests for Permit Parking and Street Sweeping Parking Restrictions, and other related matters. For more information regarding the Traffic and Parking Commission, see Chapter 12.06  of the Lake Forest Municipal Code. 

The Commission meets the fourth Thursday of every month at 6:30 p.m.  Click here for the Agenda page (scroll to the bottom).

In addition to attending the regular monthly Commission meetings, Commissioners are expected to periodically attend and participate in City programs and activities.

Traffic and Parking Commissioners

Chair, Jim Richert
Email Jim Richert
Term through December 2022

Vice-Chair, Jordan Villwock
Email Jordan Villwock
Term through December 2020

Commissioner, Benjamin Yu
Email Benjamin Yu
Term through December 2022

Commissioner, VACANT
Term through December 2022

Commissioner, Robert Pequeno
Email Robert Pequeno
Term through December 2022