Neighborhood Park Improvements 2018

On July 17, 2018, the City Council approved improvements to 10 neighborhood parks. The decision came after a series of public meetings and online surveys. Click on the below drawings of improvements planned at each park for additional information. Please contact Community Services with any questions at (949) 461-3450.

Borrego Overlook Park

Borrego Overlook Park (PDF)

Cherry Park

Cherry Park (PDF)

Darrin Park

Darrin Park (PDF)

Montbury Park

Montbury Park (PDF)

Peachwood Park

Peachwood Park (PDF)

Pebble Creek Park

Pebble Creek Park (PDF)

Rancho Serrano Park

Rancho Serrano Park (PDF)

Regency Park

Regency Park (PDF)

Sundowner Park

Sundowner Park (PDF)

Vintage Park

Vintage Park (PDF)