Is it okay to use a used child safety seat?
- Avoid using used seats, especially if bought from a yard sale or thrift shop because you do not know the seat's history. Never use a seat that:

- Has been in an accident.

- Is too old. Look on the label for the date the seat was made. Many manufacturers recommend that child safety seats only be used for a certain number of years. Check with the manufacturer to find out how long the company recommends using their seats.

- Has any visible cracks in the frame of the seat.

- Does not have a label with the date of manufacture and model number. Without these, you cannot check to see if the seat has been recalled.

- Does not come with instructions. You can get a copy of the instruction manual by contacting the manufacturer or looking on the Internet.

- Is missing parts. Used child safety seats often come without important parts. Check with the manufacturer to make sure you can get the right parts.

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