What is the selection process?
After the application deadline, Human Resources will review the applications submitted by all applicants. Based on the information provided, candidates with the most directly related experience will be invited to continue on in the selection process. Our selection process consists of one or more of the following:

WRITTEN EXAM/ONLINE EXAM: Written and online exams are designed to assess general aptitude or specific knowledge of the technical aspects of the job for which you are applying. You may wish to thoroughly review the job flyer to familiarize yourself with the areas which may be assessed.

PERFORMANCE/PRACTICAL EXAM: Practical examinations are typically given for positions which require a specialized skill or ability, such as typing proficiency or the operation of special equipment. You may or may not be given prior information regarding the content of the exam, depending on the nature of the job for which you are applying.

ORAL INTERVIEWS: Those applicants who are successful in passing the initial assessment and/or screening process(es) will be invited to an oral interview. Oral interviews are conducted by a panel of qualified subject matter experts.

FOLLOWING THE SELECTION PROCESS: Human Resources will notify you, by email, of the results of the recruitment. If you are successful in passing the selection process, your name may be placed on an employment list for the current position opening as well as any future positions which may become available for up to 12 months after the employment list was established. The City Department which is attempting to fill the vacant position may elect to second interview some or all of the candidates who are on the employment list prior to making a final decision to hire.

REFERENCE CHECKS: Reference Checks will be conducted by the City to verify education and employment related information for all potential employees prior to extending a job offer. The extent of the inquiry will depend on the position being applied for and may include:

• Verification/Reference from current and past employers.
• Confirmation of necessary licenses, certificates, and degrees.

Additional inquiries may be necessary depending on the position for which you are applying.

Human Resources will also schedule a Fingerprint and Department of Justice criminal background check (a conviction for a crime is not an automatic bar to employment) and post-offer physical examination, which may include a drug screen, once a job offer has been made.

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