Budgets and Financial Statements

Preparing a budget for the City of Lake Forest is a collaborative undertaking that requires the resources of several departments, all dedicated to making Lake Forest the best place to live, work, play, visit and do business.

The City of Lake Forest has partnered with ClearGov, a leading municipal transparency and benchmarking platform, to launch an infographic-based fiscal dashboard. The new tool provides an easy-to-understand, interactive breakdown of the city’s finances. Excerpts have been provided below and the full site can be viewed here at https://lakeforestca.cleargov.com/

Check Payment Reports

In accordance with Government Code Section 37202 and Lake Forest Municipal Code Chapter 3.16, the City of Lake Forest Council reviews and approves check payments of invoices through the Certification of Warrant Register during each City Council Meeting. Click the following link to view the Warrant Register within each City Council Agenda Report https://lakeforestca.gov/129/Agendas

Five-Year Strategic Plan

City Budget

Capital Improvements Projects Budget

Annual Comprehensive Financial Reports

City of Lake Forest Reserve Policy

Historical Budgets and Financial Statements

For a comprehensive list of historical budgets and financial statements, access the Budget and Financial Statements Archive.